Every business, regardless of its size must be registered with the Revenue Commissioners and prepare annual accounts. Why?

Apart from the legal obligations, it helps the owner of the business know how they are doing. They’re also the basis on which your tax liability is calculated and if you are seeking to borrow money, you will also be required to provide annual accounts.

Having prepared your accounts, we will also be able to provide feedback to you on how to improve your processes and your profitability. This is where Ciarán Doyle Accountants are different.

To us, it’s not just a question of producing statutory returns to keep you compliant. Business owners are often so immersed in their business that it’s often difficult to see the wood from the trees. Having worked as a Financial Controller/ Finance Director for many years, I will bring clarity to the way you run your business and help you make sure that it is managed as
profitably and efficiently as possible.

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