Ciarán Doyle Accountants and Tax Advisors is a distinguished leader in the field of Bitcoin and cryptocurrency tax and accounting services in Ireland. Our firm specialises in providing comprehensive tax consultancy, compliance strategies, and accounting solutions for digital assets. 

We cater exclusively to businesses and individuals based in Ireland, who are navigating the complexities of cryptocurrency transactions, investments, and earnings within the Irish tax system.


Ciaran Doyle is not only a professional in the field but also an active participant in Ireland’s Bitcoin community. His regular attendance and active involvement in the monthly Dublin meetups demonstrate his deep commitment to the cryptocurrency sector, while his contributions to, particularly in relation to his area of expertise are unmatched. He is also the co-author of the Irish Crypto Tax Guide on Koinly:


Our objective is to provide unparalleled expertise and support as Bitcoin and cryptocurrencies become increasingly mainstream. We have developed a highly specialised service range to meet these emerging needs.

  • Tax Consultancy for Individuals – Our services encompass tax planning and preparation of Income Tax and Capital Gains Tax returns (Form 11/ CG1) for residents of Ireland, specifically designed for traders, investors, and digital asset enthusiasts.
  • Tax, Payroll & Accounting for Bitcoin/Crypto Native Businesses – Our firm offers a suite of specialised services tailored for Bitcoin and crypto-native businesses, day traders, and NFT creators operating within Ireland. This comprehensive package includes meticulous bookkeeping and accounts production, timely submission of annual returns to the Companies Registration Office (CRO) and the Revenue Commissioners, thorough VAT reporting and filing, and efficient payroll management. Our expertise ensures seamless financial operations for those immersed in the cryptocurrency ecosystem.
  • Tax, Payroll & Accounting for Non Bitcoin/Crypto Native Businesses – We extend our expertise to non-crypto-native businesses that are integrating Bitcoin or other cryptocurrencies into their operations. Whether your business accepts Bitcoin or crypto payments, compensates employees in Bitcoin, or is contemplating adding Bitcoin to its balance sheet, our team provides robust support.


We pride ourselves on our leadership in providing specialised tax advisory and accounting services for the Bitcoin and blockchain sectors in Ireland. Our commitment to this community is demonstrated by our acceptance of payments in both Bitcoin and Euro.

In line with our efforts to promote Bitcoin usage, we offer a 5% discount on all invoices paid in Bitcoin. 

For further information or assistance, please contact us at bitcoin at